March: Hoping for Bright Skies and Sunshine

At our house, the dog and cat are wondering where the sun is and why everything is gray. Gloom seems to settle in every corner of the house and everyone wants to just lay around waiting for something exciting. For instance, maybe sunshine in the front window or even a little green appearing in the very mushy yard. Would be cause for celebration!
Hoping for some bright skies this month.
There have been flowering trees appearing so just maybe, spring (and COLOR) is not far behind.

The Dog, February and Umbrella Day

Jessie with a Sad Face or could be a Happy Face! Hard to say since both look the same!

How appropriate that today is Umbrella Day (the oldest recorded umbrella appeared in 21 AD, in Ancient China) since it is raining AGAIN!
February is so dreary with no color and gray skies. Though it could be argued that there are red hearts and sparkling gems for your true love. Guess that would brighten anyone’s day!
The dog has the same sad face every day since buckets of rain are dumped on the back yard and he is very particular about where he plants his paws. However, if one was allowed to roll in the mud, that would be entirely different. That just is not going to happen.
Fortunately the month is short so perhaps March will bring brighter days and maybe less standing water in the yard.

Winter and Sylvester's Take on the Dog

Winter brings gale force wind that blows every leaf for miles around into the yard and porch. Jessie stares out the window and barks at every leaf that goes by. Sylvester thinks this an exercise in futility and such a waste of good nap time. Leaves are outside and he is amused that the dog thinks he can catch them by barking. Actually most of the dog’s antics amuse Sylvester. That is until the dog sticks his nose in his face and gets swiped with a paw. Jessie is still trying to figure out how that can possibly happen!

Sylvester and the Tree
Sylvester, Christmas and Naps

October: Autumn and the Dog

Favorite Chair that Nobody Can Sit In!

About October and the Dog.

This is Jessie — my first puppy ever! I was not ready for the cute, fuzzy puppy to grow to an 80 pound puppy that wants to be a lap dog. He does love this time of year. To watch him in the morning, with cool, crisp air to sniff, is a great start to the day. Thinking that really cold weather will be even better. Maybe this year there will even be snow!

Right now, we’re waiting for more maturity. Then the rugs can go back on the floor and not be a chew toy. Maybe even holiday cooking that can actually sit on a counter and not end up on the floor. Or in the dog’s stomach. We’ll have to wait and see.

The Love Between Pets and Their Humans!

The relationship between pets and their humans is not complicated! It is an unconditional love but this love carries a responsibility. Companion animals look to their humans to provide for their basic needs, i.e., food, water, medical care and shelter. Obviously, this is non-negotiable. Humans must not neglect any of these needs if we choose to bring a pet into our home. But this does not have any guarantee. Trust and love must be earned.

Most feel this cannot be negotiated either!
And always adopt from your local animal shelter – the rewards are endless and the trust and love given by a rescue is the best of all!!