Sylvester and Petey

When the house became too quiet several months after we lost Winston, it was time to once again become pet parents. As always, we chose to adopt. Enter Sylvester and Petey. This time we decided to give two Senior Cats a chance at their forever home. Suddenly, there were catnip toys, sunshine, scratching posts, soft blankets, and did I mention sunshine? And the best thing — a warm bed to curl up with their pet parents.

Unfortunately, we lost Petey to kidney failure after only a few months. We really believe that we were meant to give him a wonderful and comforting end of days and we will never regret having him with us. Sylvester, on the other hand, is our wild child and can be found running from room to room, jumping on everything he can reach, vanquishing his toy mouse and following the sun as it moves through the house. After a long exhausting day, you can find him curled up with his favorite toy carrot.

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