“Elementary, my dear Watson!”

It’s May and the rain has stopped – sun is shining and we can celebrate so many good things. For instance, today is Sherlock Holmes Day! (Did you know he is the most portrayed character in history?) I really think he is JessieĀ“s alter ego. He is always watchful to see what conclusions he can draw from everything he has around him. Alas, he is not a master of disguise. His only fault really!

That makes Sylvester Dr. Watson – he is always right beside the dog with a watchful eye on everything going on around the house. Once he deduces how to open closed doors, he and the dog will truly own the house! The humans will probably have to move out!

This is the perfect time to celebrate the day, whether you are lost in the world created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle outside reading under a tree or watching one of the movie characters that portrayed the famous detective (Robert Downey Jr. comes to mind!) Happy May and enjoy!

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