The Love Between Pets and Their Humans!

The relationship between pets and their humans is not complicated! It is an unconditional love but this love carries a responsibility. Companion animals look to their humans to provide for their basic needs, i.e., food, water, medical care and shelter. Obviously, this is non-negotiable. Humans must not neglect any of these needs if we choose to bring a pet into our home. But this does not have any guarantee. Trust and love must be earned.

Most feel this cannot be negotiated either!
And always adopt from your local animal shelter – the rewards are endless and the trust and love given by a rescue is the best of all!!

Always Adopt and Don’t Shop!

There are so many wonderful companion animals just right for your home. Why would any potential pet parent consider another option?

We have been blessed with such individual personalities and would not have missed a second of the chaos that at one time surrounded us since we had a house full of rescues. We actively support organizations that give much time and love to all animals but several are close to our hearts. Anyone looking for unconditional love, please check out both of the following organizations: – Fayette County Animal Rescue and – House of Mews

Please consider being the forever home for a loving companion, whether a youngster full of energy or a senior pet wise in the ways of the world!!