Cat’s Lair

Cat's Lair

Welcome to Cat’s Lair!

Take a look at the cats that have owned us and see what they thought of the world as they lived in it and loved it. Might be that you will get a glimpse of what your felines are thinking or not thinking depending on the nap schedule!

All of our cats have been unique and in charge of our house — we have had a head of security, a soft spoken lady, a cat with a larger than life personality and one that loved drinking out of the kitchen faucet for 18 years. There were toys that rolled down the hall and fuzzy blankets that were heated. Our house would be a very lonely house indeed if not for our feline friends that have loved us humans!

And we are fortunate — we will always know we were the ones that were rescued!


by Leigh Anne Jasheway

Rule #32:  Be Difficult to Live With
Once your relationship with a human is solid—you’ re sharing a couch, a bed, and a breakfast cereal—you should concentrate on being as difficult to get along with as possible.

Here are some tips: 

  • Take every opportunity to swat people’s feet, especially early in the morning as they are sleepily walking toward the bathroom.
  • Carry on late-night chats with several dozen neighborhood pals.
  • Make sure there is always a chew toy somewhere it shouldn’t be, such as on the couch, in the refrigerator, or in your person’s coffee.

Finally Fall! After several really hot and wilting weeks, we are here with crisp mornings, bright sunshine and color everywhere. Hope everyone has a pumpkin or two and at least one spooky skeleton on their front porch!
Happy Halloween to all! Remember to keep your pets safe from harm (candy, little ghosts and goblins, etc.) 
Sylvester approved October 11, 2018.