The Cat’s Lair

Cat's Lair
Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does 
any harm to ask for what you want.
- Joseph Wood Krutch

All of the cats that have considered us their humans have been unique and in charge of our house — we have had a head of security, a soft spoken lady, a cat with a larger than life personality and one that loved drinking out of the kitchen faucet for 18 years. There were toys that rolled down the hall and fuzzy blankets that were heated. There were doors to perch on top of and favorite friends to curl up with at the end of a busy day. Our house would be a very lonely house indeed if not for our feline friends (all rescues) that have loved us humans!

And we are fortunate — we will always know we were the ones that were rescued!


A Sylvester Approved Cat FactTHE RULES FOR CATS  A Parody
by Leigh Anne Jasheway

Rule #26:  Don’t Date a Married Man or Woman

Many people who are married have the crazy idea that they should place the needs of their spouse before your needs. Now you know this is ludicrous and flies in the face of all that is good and right, but what can I say, humans are stupid that way.
What you need is a nice, single person, preferably a divorced, middle-aged woman who works at home and and has no hobbies or friends. This will give her plenty of time to attend to your needs.

Finally October and a break from almost 100 degree weather!!
Rain is on the horizon with an explosion of color all around us. This is the absolute best time of the year with ghosts, goblins and a whole lot of candy on every grocery shelf!
And big, round pumpkins sitting at the door.
Remember to protect your pets, especially your favorite felines, when doorbells start ringing with trick or treaters! Can be a scary night for our four legged best friends! Also make sure they don’t gobble up any left over chocolate. Sylvester’s best friend, Jessie, thinks everything is just for him, so that dish stays out of reach!