March 2021

So we are at the beginning of March and looking forward to Spring and better days. Don’t even need to go with we for sure need better weather. Luckily in our part of the South, we only saw a week of bitter cold and snow. The only one in our house that enjoyed any of that was the dog. Apparently snow is his thing. The nasty yard when it began to melt was a different story. However, it sure was fun for a few days as evidenced below:

Jessie and Favorite Tennis Ball

As a bonus for the beginning of a new month, today is Old Stuff Day! What exactly does that mean? Well, today is a day to look around your house, even in that junk closet that you’ve been meaning to clean out since before we all were house bound, and see what you have that’s old stuff. You could actually find something awesome or something old you can transform into awesome!! It’s also a day to do things differently instead of the same old thing the same old way. Think about it and see what possibilities come to mind!

At any rate, happy Spring should be just around the corner. The cat, as well as everyone else, is really looking for sunshine!

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